CyberArk Conjur

The Conjur provider (conjur) populates credentials from an external Conjur service.

Secretless Broker configuration

To use the Conjur provider, Secretless must be configured to authenticate with Conjur. The Secretless Broker currently supports several methods of authenticating with Conjur (activating the first non-empty method in this order):

  • CONJUR_AUTHN_TOKEN_FILE environment variable

  • CONJUR_AUTHN_LOGIN and CONJUR_AUTHN_API_KEY environment variables

  • Conjur Kubernetes authenticator-based authentication

    In this mode Secretless behaves as an authn-k8s-client and retrieves machine identity through orchestrator-facilitated attestation.

    • Requires CONJUR_AUTHN_URL environment variable which contains authn-k8s

    • Requires identical configuration environment variables as authn-k8s-client

    • See the Conjur documentation for additional information on configuration

All methods also require CONJUR_APPLIANCE_URL and CONJUR_ACCOUNT to be set in the environment of the Secretless Broker. You may optionally also include any other configuration environment variables that are allowed by the Conjur Go Client Library.


  - name: pg_listener
    protocol: pg
  - name: pg_handler
    listener: pg_listener
      - name: address
        provider: conjur
        id: postgres/my-service/address
      - name: username
        provider: conjur
        id: postgres/my-service/username
      - name: password
        provider: conjur
        id: postgres/my-service/password